An Overview of Donating Blood By Alex Spirikaitis

June 5, 2012

Before attending a blood drive, donors should hydrate and eat healthfully, concentrating on foods high in iron. Upon registration, donors must present a driver’s license and complete all required paperwork. Donors will then meet with a health care professional for a mini-physical, entailing a check of the donor’s pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin level, and temperature, and a confidential health interview.

If a potential donor meets all requirements for a safe donation, another health professional seats the donor, cleans the skin on the inner elbow, and inserts a disposable sterile needle, beginning the actual blood donation. This process typically takes eight to 10 minutes and is followed by a trip to the refreshment area. Individuals may donate blood every eight weeks.

About the Author: A resident of Cleveland, Alex Spirikaitis frequently donates blood through the American National Red Cross. Over the course of his career, Alex Spirikaitis earned degrees from Cleveland State University and Panevezys Polytechnic School, where he studied business.


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